Personal Branding Service for Teens, Graduates & Adults



Like a business or product brand, view your personal brand as a story that is told in the marketplace. To be credible, your BRAND NEW YOU™ story must be told, believed, and lived by you in order to engage others. Telling your story in your "voice" is a powerful and critical to your success. 

Brand New You is all about the need to differentiate YOU in an ever changing education and work landscape.

  • High school students are vying for acceptance into the most competitive college admittance landscape in years.

  • More and more adults are seeking new work options in a constantly changing work landscape. It may be time for a career change, time to re-enter the work force, or simply time to change jobs.

  • Record numbers of “new” adults, college graduates, are entering the most selective work place in years.

Brand New You is all about the need to capture the best YOU in order to define and distinguish yourself in compelling personal communication. Engage in these kinds of communication with the power of You in place:

  • write compelling essays and fill out more informed applications

  • engage in memorable interviews and more fitting school activities: team sports; performing arts; student elections; clubs

  • engage convincingly with social media platforms and in all social networking situations

  • create a professional LinkedIn profile

  • join community service and professional organizations fit for your talent and contributions

  • stand out in interviews for summer jobs and internships

  • re-enter the workforce, change jobs and careers, or reinvent your work self in a striking way

BRAND NEW YOU™ takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Use it to create and communicate your best You.