BNY Personal Branding

  • Individual Personal Brand Profile Development

  • Profile Content: BackStory, Personal Vocabulary, Brand Essence, Talking Points, Personal Pitch, LinkedIn About

  • Dream Board Development: Visual Profile

  • Visual Identity: Logo, Color Palette for Business Cards, Letterhead, Personal Materials

  • Business Materials: Resume / CV, Cover Letter, Interview Techniques, Networking

  • Social Content

  • Website Development

BNY Workshops

  • Student Personal / Career Development Workshops

  • College Career Development Workshops

  • Corporate Personal Development Workshops

  • Groups of Friends, Peers, Community Workshops

  • Personal Brand Consulting

BNY Speaking Engagements

Learn why and how to build and communicate your personal brand.

  • Schools and Educational Programs

  • Community and Club Events

  • Corporate and Business Events

Product Branding

Comprehensive product brand development: verbal and visual brand expression composed and delivered through a comprehensive Brand Platform document that illuminates and illustrates a Product’s unique Brand Identity in the marketplace.

Product Ideation and Brand Development Consulting.

Business Branding

Business brand work—from parent company branding to individual division and departmental brand-building: to create and tell a compelling, differentiated story in the space(s) the business lives and grows. The brand work is the foundation to build and grow sustainable businesses.

New Business Development and Consulting.